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Ten to One Rum Collection

The inspiration for creating our blends comes from a desire to tell a story that reflects the different cultures, communities & perspectives celebrated by Ten To One.

Ten To One Dark Rum

Our Dark Rum is a masterful blend of 8-year old Barbados and Dominican column still rums, combined with high ester Jamaican pot still rum, and Trinidadian rum. Aged in American white oak ex-bourbon casks.

Ten To One Dark Rum
Dark Rum Bottle

Ten To One White Rum

Our White Rum is rapidly redefining the category with its unique flavor profile. We’ve crafted an enticing unaged blend of column still rum from the Dominican Republic, with high ester pot still rum from Jamaica, to yield a beautiful extra-proof expression.

Ten To One White Rum
White Rum Bottle

Ten To One Black History Month Artist Edition: Caribbean Dark Rum

Ten To One is celebrating Black History Month 2023 with a special Limited Edition release of their award-winning Caribbean Dark Rum. Bottled at 86 Proof, and featuring inspired artwork painted by Devin B. Johnson, this Artist’s Edition accentuates the rich notes of cooked fruit and baking spice that are hallmarks of Ten To One’s pan Caribbean blend.

Ten To One Black History Month Artist Edition

Virtual Happy Hours

We are excited to offer you our virtual happy hour and bespoke cocktail making classes, where we’ll be accompanied by a leading bartender to help bring some joy, creativity and Caribbean vibes to your next virtual gathering.

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